Bay Point Wealth (Annapolis, MD) Seeking Operations Specialist

Position Summary
The Operations Specialist helps to keep the operations of the company running smoothly and efficiently so that we can provide the highest level of service to our clients, meet all compliance standards, and provide an exceptional workplace for all our employees. This position reports to the Chief Operating Officer of the company.

Position requires:
 Adept at learning and working with a variety of technologies
 Ability to define, document, and improve company workflows and processes
 Attention to detail
 Strong communication skills
 Ability to work in a congenial and cooperative work environment
 Comfort with multitasking and balancing priorities
 Ability to work independently
 Desire/ability to work successfully in a small company environment
 A Team player with a willingness to help wherever needed

The successful team member would value our commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients and help foster ongoing improvement. The Operations Specialist will gain exposure to many aspects of the wealth management business and have significant opportunity for continued responsibilities and advancement in the firm.

Required Education and Work Experience
 A 4-year college degree
 3-5 years of relevant work experience
 Experience working with a variety of technologies, such as Client Resource Management (CRM), data storage and management, online calendaring, etc.

Job Responsibilities
Responsibilities include:
 Helping to ensure integrity of client and prospect data in our CRM
 Building, monitoring, and modifying workflows to improve efficiencies
 Maintaining data organization in our document management system
 Helping to onboard new employees

 Assisting with implementation of new software
 Working with Compliance Team to implement and improve our compliance program

Specific Duties
The Operations Specialist provides support in Operations, Human Resources, and Compliance.
o Serving on Operations Team to help identify operational issues, priorities, and solutions
o Design and modify workflows in our CRM to ensure consistency and accountability across the company
o Work with technology contractors to design new software integrations and maintain and update existing tech resources
o Help clean up and organize data in CRM and document management system
Human Resources
o Post job ads and screen candidates
o Coordinate the set-up of new employee computers
o Keep employee handbook up to date
o Send out employee satisfaction surveys
o Help implement a summer intern program

o Service on Compliance Team, attend meetings, document decisions, and assign tasks
o Assist with updating company compliance manual and SEC-required filing forms
o Complete scheduled compliance tasks, such as running monthly emergency contact report
o Track clients by state and notify Chief Compliance Officer if we need to add new state filings.


Interested candidates should email Kim Anderson at