Brian McGunnigle – Experienced Operations Candidate (Manchester Center, VT)

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-Does your firm use any temporary, permanent, contract, consulting, or project help?

-Are you aware of any other opportunities?

-Can you recommend any recruiters specializing in our industry?

-Any other guidance based on your experience being laid off/laying people off?

I’d be happy to share my resume with anyone that is interested, but essentially, I have 22 years of RIA/BD/MFO operations experience – the past 15 have been split between two large RIAs, as Director of Operations at both. I’ve been using PortfolioCenter for the past 15 years, and implemented the full Tamarac suite 7 years ago. Additional technology experience includes: Junxure, Laserfiche, Unapen, Lightport, MSSQL, and By All Accounts. This past year I attended T3, and subsequently evaluated Black Diamond, Orion, D1g1t, and Salesforce (XLR8 and Practifi). I have previously reviewed Addepar, Solovis, Quovo, Canoe, Private Client Resources, Envestnet, Fortigent, Assette, Wealthsite, and others. Extensive experience with Schwab and Fidelity, as well as past experience with Pershing, LPL, and SEI.

Please reach out if you’d like to connect:

Thank you, Brian McGunnigle