Geometric Wealth Advisors seeking Virtual Operations Specialist

Firm Description:
Comprehensive financial planning for partners and executives in finance, management consulting, and other demanding careers. We specialize in serving Partners at top-tier management consulting firms (Bain, BCG, and McKinsey). Launched in early 2015, Geometric is a fast-growing independent wealth management firm with four Wealth Advisors (based in Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Washington, D.C.) and with clients nationwide. Unlike most firms that cater to those in or near retirement, Geometric was designed specifically for high-earners who are accumulating wealth at an accelerated pace and whose financial pictures are becoming increasingly complex. Most are between 32- and 45-years-old, and many have young children.

Our firm’s investment philosophy is central to our identity: we believe that markets are efficient, and therefore we don’t attempt to time the market or pick individual securities. Instead, we invest in low-cost, broadly-diversified, tax-efficient portfolios of passively-managed mutual funds and ETFs (such as those offered by Dimensional Fund Advisors or Vanguard). While portfolio management is important, the bulk of our value comes from the other components of financial planning: helping clients to define their financial goals, building comprehensive net worth projections to ensure that they are on track to achieve them, and performing scenario analyses to understand the implications of career and lifestyle choices. This process also includes optimizing the client’s insurance coverage, estate planning, debt management, employee benefits, college savings, charitable giving, and any other material financial decisions. We also provide tax services to our clients (including preparation/filing, year-round consulting, and year-end planning) entirely in-house.

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Job Description:
We seek someone to join our team in a critical role: Operations Specialist. Our firm takes our operations and client service seriously, and we are looking for an enthusiastic team member dedicated exclusively to those important functions.

 Work closely with Engagement Managers and Wealth Advisors to manage all operational and administrative aspects of our client relationships. Communicate with clients on specific operational tasks.
 Alongside Geometric’s existing Operations Specialists, take ownership of all operational workflows. For example, our onboarding process for new clients involves over 200 steps. While some steps are to be completed by the client, some by the client’s Wealth Advisor, some by the Engagement Manager, and some by the Operations Specialist, we would expect that the Operations Specialist would “own” this process, ensuring that it progressed on schedule and that everyone was completing their necessary tasks.
 Maintain and update client records in the firm’s CRM software (PractiFi).
 Map and maintain processes or workflows in our CRM based on our new client checklist and other frequently occurring tasks.
 Communicate with Geometric’s custodians (primarily TD Ameritrade) to ensure that the operational needs of our clients and firm are handled quickly and correctly.
 Manage all client forms (mostly paperless). The nature of wealth management requires a lot
of electronic form-filling and e-signature gathering for both new and existing clients.
 Perform regular maintenance for existing clients including: opening and closing accounts, initiating contributions, distributions, wires, transfers, rollovers, charitable donations, address changes, beneficiary updates, etc.
 Help to manage our firm’s portfolio database software (Orion Advisor Services) to ensure that client portfolios are accurately tracked and reported.
 Manage the quarterly client statement and billing process (via Orion). Note that this requires a fair amount of “data scrubbing” to ensure that client reports are accurate, and that this process can be tedious (and somewhat painful).
 Serve as a “jack of all trades” and perform the firm’s “dirty work,” especially during our early years. Be willing to the accept any administrative tasks that allow our Wealth Advisors to focus on their clients.
 Continually search for ways to improve the firm’s processes, and to speak up when they are found.
 Help to recruit, hire, train, and manage others on the Operations team as the firm continues to grow.

Career Path:
A successful Operations Specialist will have two potential paths to choose from. The first path is to grow within our Operations team, developing into a Senior Operations Specialist within 2-3 years. The Senior role comes with added responsibility, “ownership” of additional (and more complex) workflows, and management responsibilities of newer Specialists.

For those interested in financial planning subject matter and who are willing to complete the (rigorous) CFP exam, the option would also exist to transition to becoming an Engagement Manager (supporting our Wealth Advisors in the preparation and delivery of financial planning analyses to clients), but this would be entirely optional.

Notably, neither the Operations Specialist role nor the Engagement Manager role is on track to become a lead Wealth Advisor. That is a separate path within our firm (primarily because one of our differentiators to clients is that our Wealth Advisors have direct professional experience in the same industries as our clients). Therefore, this job would not be appropriate for those who seek to become a lead Wealth Advisor at Geometric.

 Candidates must have Bachelor’s degree.
 We seek a candidate with at least 1-2 years of relevant work experience, but we are open to conversations with great candidates with less or no experience.
 We seek a candidate who already understands the operational needs of an independent wealth management firm, either from direct prior experience working for a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) or from working for a related party (custodian, bank, vendor, etc.), but again,
we are open to conversations with great candidates who have no direct experience.
 Exceptional organizational skills. You should be the type of person who develops processes to ensure that everything remains organized and that nothing ever falls through the cracks.
 Airtight reliability. Always doing what you say you will do, when you said you will do it. When you take ownership of a task or project, everyone else on the team should feel comfortable knowing that it is taken care of.
 Clear and confident communication, particularly when writing. This is especially important given the remote nature of our firm.
 Aptitude for and comfort with technology. Both the ability to effectively use existing technology and the willingness to think strategically about how new technology could be used to improve our internal processes.
 Service-minded, both in service to our clients and to the rest of our team.
 Fun to work with and enjoyable to be around.

Anywhere within the continental U.S. We strive to find the best people, and we use technology (Slack, Zoom, screen-sharing, etc.) that allows us to operate as a team regardless of location. (See ‘Flexible work schedule’ below for our typical working hours.)

Our firm’s philosophy is to pay above-market rates in order to attract and retain the best people. We use industry benchmarking surveys to measure the compensation range for a given role, then seek to be at or near the top of that range.

 Flexible work schedule. We work hard and trust that all team members will do the same, so we operate with a flexible work environment – when family or important life obligations call, we expect you to answer! That said, we expect that everyone will typically be available
during working hours (roughly 8:30 CT – 5:00 CT), which is necessary for us to operate as a team. We have no defined vacation or sick policy and trust that everyone will take what they need.
 Health Insurance. At the beginning of the month following your start date, you will have the option to participate in our company-sponsored plan, with Geometric paying for 2/3 of the premiums.
 401(k). Including 5% company match with immediate vesting.

 Family leave. Paid parental leave (either (a) three months full-time or (b) two months full- time + two-months half-time) after welcoming biological or adopted children. Note that this applies to both mothers and fathers.
 Professional development sponsorship. The firm sponsors employees to pursue the CFP® designation or other relevant professional credentials or degrees.
 Tech/home office needs. Geometric will purchase all work-related technology (hardware and software) as well as furnishings needed to make your home office comfortable and productive.
 COVID school closure childcare benefit. Any incremental childcare costs accrued as a direct result of schools or daycare centers being closed due to COVID will be reimbursed (up to a maximum of $500 per week).
 Wellness Wednesdays. Our team chooses not to work for a portion of every Wednesday afternoon. Instead, we each do something fun – ideally something outdoors and physical. We believe this makes us healthier, happier, and ultimately more productive

Our firm is small, friendly, and informal. We value open and honest communication. At the same time, we hold ourselves to very high standards: we expect excellence from ourselves and each other. We are looking for others who value these same principles.

Equal Opportunity Employment:
Geometric is committed to equal employment opportunities without regard to race, religion, ethnic origin, gender identity or expression, age, physical disability, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, military service, medical history, or any other status protected by law in the locations where we operate. All are welcome here.

Application Method:
Along with your resume, please submit a cover letter that explains your interest in this position to Ashley Kennedy at In the cover letter, please also let us know why the niche clientele that Geometric serves appeals to you. This exercise is meant to both show us your writing skills and help us get to know you.