The Financial Advisor M&A Guidebook
Best Practices, Tools, and Resources for Technology Integration and Beyond

The Financial Advisor M&A Guidebook is a comprehensive guide that walks owners and operations professionals through the steps of strategy, assessment, implementation, adoption and growth, all while considering how to best inspire and galvanize a firm’s most valuable asset – its people.

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High Impact Financial Operations Network

Your home base for operational excellence.

Join the industry's premier forum for Leaders & Managers of RIA operations teams.


Joining HIFON is about being connected to people like you - colleagues you can talk to and engage with online anytime. Our community of operations professionals are committed to advancing our profession by supporting one another. And we’d like for you to join us.


Operations Forum

Every month you’ll have an hour-long call with a small subset of HIFON’s membership. This private study group let's you dig deep into various topics. You'll better understand what's possible and what other firms are doing right now. You’ll also have a chance to offer up your expertise to the rest of the group – making everyone better with this collaborative effort.

Discussion Board

This message board will become your go-to resource for RIA operations questions. When you’re stuck, need a tip, or just some advice from someone who's been there before, just search the database of prior topics or ask a question yourself. This is your peers helping you solve your most pressing problems.

Member Website

Our member website is designed with your needs in mind. The site is filled with content our members have asked for over the years – tools to collaborate, educate and connect you with your peers and industry best practices. Check out all of our member benefits.

Additional Member Benefits

The core of HIFON membership is peer-to-peer support in private study groups and the 24/7 discussion board. But that's not all. Here's what else you'll find inside the member-only website.

Compliance Forum

Every other month we hold roundtable calls that address our current and most relevant compliance issues affecting us all. The simplest way to get (and stay) up to speed with compliance issues.

Vendor Webinars

Private webinars are held for members of HIFON to get an up-close in-depth look at what our industry providers are doing to help us solve the challenges we face on a daily basis.

Wealth Planning Forum

For firms with a team-based approach to planning, we have a sub-group that focuses their regular conversations on the operations of running a planning department.

Job Postings

Looking to hire? Trying to help someone find the right company? Utilize our network to help make the right connections.

Conference Discounts

Enjoy discounts to some of our industry’s finest educational and networking events.

Member Firm Data

Access data on each and every member firm. Get insight into which custodians and technology are used. Connect with the right firms to get answers fast.

Docs & Templates

Need a key operational document? Or a template for creating one? We've got you covered with a large (and growing) library of operations documents.

Knowledge Base

Browse the Knowledge Base to brush up on key ops topics (or get a crash course in best practices). Quickly access the best curated operations info and assets.

Ops Blog & Calendar

The member-only newsfeed helps you keep up with all the industry news and events that impact operations professionals (without all the noise).


Members Say

Since 2010, HIFON has built the premier network for Operations Professionals. Hear what our members have to say.


As a COO, my world was sad and lonely before the creation of HIFON. Through HIFON I’ve gained a network of operations professionals to learn and share best practices specific to my role in operations. As one of the more experienced operations professionals in the group, it’s also an opportunity for me to give back to newer folks by sharing what I’ve learned over the years and supporting them via our monthly calls.”

Partner & Chief Operating Officer
Del Monte Group, LLC.

"HIFON allows us to more quickly & easily benchmark our most urgent topics of interest to learn what seems to be working well elsewhere. As a result, we rarely need to start from scratch on anything anymore & can gain some peace of mind from better understanding how our operations compare to those at other firms. We definitely benefit from this group.”

Business Operations Consultant
Allodium Investment Consultants

“When we were looking to complete a custody audit, the HIFON network came in very helpful. The auditors we had found on our own and through our local network were quoting us between $7,000 and $10,000 to complete an annual audit. I reached out to the HIFON network and was able to quickly find a highly-recommended auditor, who did a great job for us, was very easy to work with, and came in under $5,000, including an on-site visit from out of town. Our tangible cost benefit from that single HIFON recommendation is somewhere in the $2,000-5,000 range and it’s a recurring annual savings since our custody audit has to be repeated every year!”

Vice President
Searcy Financial Services, Inc.
Joyce Cindy vertical headshot (J0170507xA7A14)

“HIFON has been a great resource to me. As a mid sized RIA, the operations group is small at our firm. Therefore, as Chief Operating Officer, I treasure the input of my peers in the HIFON group. I receive a wide range of knowledge, opinions and experience from the group. When I present to my Leadership team, my HIFON research and feedback provides credible and convincing views and alternatives to my recommendations.”

Chief Operating Officer
Joyce Payne Partners

How to Join

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Industry Voices


“Membership in HIFON is your best chance to stay on top of all the best practices, software innovations and practical money/labor-saving advances in that all-important operations side of your business.”

Bob Veres

Editor/Publisher, Inside Information

“HIFON is an industry game changer. Shaun has created a community of operational professionals that has a meaningful impact on their firms. If you’re in an operations role at an RIA and not in HIFON, you’re missing out.”

Lisa Crafford, MBA

Vice President, Pershing Advisor Solutions

"I know that the Operations personnel from many of the best managed advisory businesses in the country are members of the HIFON study group for Operations professionals. Imagine being able to leverage your business efficiencies and results using the combined resources and best thinking of nearly 150 other top firms!”

Jean Sinclair, MBA, MSBA, CFP

Avenue Advisors, LLC

“Our clients who belong to HIFON leapfrog other firms when it comes to operational efficiency.  We are constantly encouraging Operations Managers and COOs to join.  Besides saving inordinate amounts of time by networking with peers who are solving many of the same problems, HIFON is a great professional development resource for anyone in an Operations career track.”

Jo Day

Co-Founder, Trumpet

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"This is the first and only group of its kind in the RIA industry. The tips, best practices, and shared materials I’ve received from this amazing group of professionals has saved me hours of recreating the wheel, and I know that I’m using the best language and processes in the industry."

Partner & Chief Operating Officer
Del Monte Group, LLC.

HIFON saves us time by providing convenient & immediate access to helpful operations leaders at other investment advisory firms across the nation who are dealing with similar operational, technology, compliance, HR, financial & other challenges."

Business Operations Consultant
Allodium Investment Consultants

“Being a member of HIFON has proven to be an invaluable resource for both myself and my firm. It is comprised of a unique group of operational professionals who share and exchange ideas, best practices and resources that I have found to be a great benefit of my membership.”

Director of Operations
Quadrant Capital Management, LLC