Most Operations Leaders are alone at their firm.

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Hi, I'm Shaun.

In 2010, my firm was expanding fast. As Director of Operations, I had a problem: For every challenge I could solve from experience, there were three new ones I couldn't. I needed help.

I searched all over the industry for answers. The main thing I learned was that I wasn’t the only RIA operations leader who felt isolated, untrained, and unsure.

When you join HIFON, you join a community of world-class peers who truly understand the challenges you face and respect the work you do. Our members collaborate so you can do your job better, with less effort, and advance your firm.

The support, advice, and best practices you'll enjoy as a member of our community will propel your career -- and our profession -- to new heights.

Welcome. Take a look around and feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions.

Kara Website Edit

"Joining HIFON was the pivoting point in my career here at CapSouth and has not only changed my trajectory, but also that of our entire organization due to all that I’ve gained and shared with our leadership."

Vice President of Finance & Operations, CapSouth Wealth Management

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Casey Kimbler

"HIFON is the tool I use to gather ideas and feedback on existing procedures, technology and new ideas. It's my sounding board on most new ideas since I can go to one place and get feedback from so many firms and members."

Casey Kimbler
Hamilton Capital, LLC
Taylor Bell

"HIFON is HIGHLY valued to our firm. Whenever management is considering a change or new idea, they almost always want me to run it by the group to see how other firms have tackled that particular issue."

Taylor Bell
Colton Groome & Company
Brittany McGehee

"I enjoy having a forum to come to that understands some of the struggles and achievements we have all encounter over the years. This group certainly saves me time and money since I no longer have to go it alone in my research for many topics."

Brittany McGehee
Stone Asset Management